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Tali Zorah vas Normandy - Finally, Rannoch. by MagpieLaughs Tali Zorah vas Normandy - Finally, Rannoch. by MagpieLaughs
2013 photoshoot by Minty and Minty Cheesecake Photography.

Tali - an enviro-suit wearing, engineering, shotgun-wielding best friend.

Black nylon-spandex bodysuit modified with:
- hand-dyed, hand-painted silver-swirled nylon-spandex sashes.
- hand-painted silver hexagons on heavy black moleskin appliques on chest and back.
- hand-painted grey elastic piping

Gloves and feet made with heavy black moleskin fabric, stuffed with polyfill, swirled purple and silver nylon-spandex appliques, wonderflex armour.

Chest belts of black elastic, hand-painted parachute-clip buckles, wonderflex and craftfoam roundels.

Shoulder armour made from craftfoam and wonderflex.

Waist belt of leather, found metal buckle, wonderflex and craftfoam oval buckle. Modified army surplus ammo pouches.

Upper-arm armour of craftfoam and wonderflex.

Vambraces made from craftfoam, wonderflex and vinyl flooring.

Calf armour made of craftfoam and wonderflex.

Helmet (v 2.0 - I had a simple one for DragonCon that someone else made, I made an upgraded one myself in time for Edmonton) made of wonderflex, layers of sanded Bondo, filler primer and paint. Mouthpiece of found plumbing parts and sculptable plastic resin. One LED circuit.

Visor thermoformed transparent PETG plastic, dyed purple with iDye Poly fabric dye.

Engineer's Omni-Tool commissioned from Ammnra Creations.
Weapons, drink container, datapad, and crate by Moonbase Creations.
GodzillaD1 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
Welcome home, Miss vas Normandy
MagpieLaughs Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
It's good to be back!
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